the Hear It Podcast

the Hear It Podcast brings the latest insights and ideas on how to better engage youth audiences within marketing and communications.

Hosted by Thread & Fable founder, Rebecca Roberts, interviews will explore themes around the challenges, opportunities and issues when it comes to effectively engaging children and young people.

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Sue Jones from Ditch the Label on Online Life and Bullying The Hear It Podcast

We explore online life, pressure and perfectionism and its impact on bullying and mental health. Speaking to Sue Jones, Deputy CEO of global youth charity Ditch the Label. Its annual bullying report highlighted the 25% rise in bullying, attributing social media as a major cause, with 47% of young people saying they believe they were bullied based on their appearance. We explore what impact the pandemic has had on this and what we should consider as we build campaigns and initiatives engaging young people moving forward.    Sue Jones @DtLSue  Ditch the Label @DitchtheLabel  Annual Bullying Survey 2020:  Ditch the Label on Twitter  Section 28:  Boo Hoo Ditch the Label Video Insta Life vs Reality:  United Nations – Digital Rights  Online Harms White Paper:  Sue's Recommendations The Washington Post on Tik Tok:  Fearless, by Ditch the Label CEO Liam Hackett   Contact us @hearitpodcast or 
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