Engaging Youth 2020 – Research Report on Children and Young People in the UK

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After months of digesting a stack of research papers and about to get things into design…the Coronavirus struck. It was inconceivable to put this research report out and speculate on the year ahead for children and young people without contextualising everything with the pandemic in mind.

Engaging Youth 2020 is out now – download here

What’s more, there were soon a number of articles, surveys and early data available about what impact the lockdown was having on children and young people, which would also be helpful to include. So, Engaging Youth 2020 was reedited with this in mind!

There’s a lot to go through and this report really acts as a conversation starter on some of the themes and issues impacting children and young people in the UK. For anyone hoping to engage young people, in particular through marketing and communications activities, the data will hopefully get you thinking about the way in which you can lead effective engagement and, in some way, helping young people with some of the issues they are facing.

The biggest challenge, which seems even more prolific as we pass through the pandemic, is the socioeconomic divide in the UK and the implications this has on pretty much every aspect of life for children and young people.

What’s heartening however, is young people’s continued ambition to make the world a better place, despite having grown up in a time of austerity, Brexit and extreme uncertainty. Loneliness and a harsh reality on their future prospects underpin this however, so there’s a lot to consider when wanting to engage and empower young people in a positive way both for your organisation but also for them.

I hope this helps spark some discussion and thought about what information is available to you in your work about your target youth audiences and starts some discussions about the approach you might take in your campaigns, events or other lines of engagement.

There’s a list of sources at the end of the report, thank you so much to all of these organisations who are already sharing some fascinating work out there and Engaging Youth 2020 really just touches on some of these areas so do follow up with any particular report or organisation that  gives you some food for thought.

Because there is such a lot being shared regularly around children and young people, I’ve also started an email group, where I’ll share any key reports or updates that might be of use – sign up if you think that could be useful here.

The Engaging Youth 2020 report can be found here

Please let me know if you find it helpful, share it, and I hope to bring you more over the coming months!!

Rebecca Roberts, Founder, Thread & Fable.