Lockdown Life – Mental Wellbeing of Young People Pressed

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We’re all feeling it let’s be honest. Whether it’s concerns over health, earning a living or simply getting the weekly shopping in, this surreal time is challenging even the chilliest amongst us. But how are young people coping? Whilst many of us have worked from home before, very few of us will have experienced home schooling.

Young Minds have been quick to speak to young people in the UK already suffering with their mental health about how the restrictions are impacting them. Unsurprisingly, 83% agreed that their mental health is a bit worse or much worse.

The change in routine, isolation from friends and access to school and university is impacting their wellbeing and sense of control and security.

The top three concerns among young people about coping over the coming months were:

  • Isolation/loneliness
  • Not having enough food/supplies
  • Managing mental health/mental health deteriorating

And how are young people coping? It’s perhaps another marker of the fantastic service the NHS provides in challenging times that almost three-quarters of young people who were accessing mental health support services continue to do so, albeit in different formats, during the crisis. However, that’s still a large number who aren’t and given that being at home in situations that perhaps exacerbate health issues, we could come out of the crisis with a bleaker picture of young people’s wellbeing.

Things that are top of the list for coping include face-to-face calls with friends, watching TV/films, exercise, learning new skills, reading books and gaming. Interestingly whilst social media is a positive to connect with friends, with the anxiety associated with constant updates and news reporting on the pandemic, it also has a negative association as well.

So if you’re brand, campaign or organisation is engaging with young people right now, or targeting parents in any way, how can you help keep the conversation going about ways to cope in lockdown?

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