Press Office Plate Spinning


Just as traditional media outlets rarely exist in just one form these days, so too must press officers step into various shoes to make sure content capture is covered. Cue the plates.

You still need specialists, whether that’s digital, written print, copy writers etc, but on any given day without a team prepared to roll their sleeves up and quite simply get stuff done, you might miss that decent clip for social or an interview opportunity.

It’s mainly fear when teams aren’t set up for this – whether that’s a skills gap, protective attitudes over work areas, fear of change. I’ve always loved it when the ‘unofficial’ team has had to pull something together to make sure an opportunity isn’t wasted. Get a team curious to try things, excited about creative content and, perhaps most importantly, being kind and supportive to one another, and generally they’ll celebrate content even when it’s not the ‘A-team’.

And yep, often it reinforces why there are specialists in your team that cover particular areas, but with a culture of putting content first and a decent content planner, it’ll be better than missing something.

Just think of Dick Van Dyke as a one-man-band in Mary Poppins and not only will you marvel at the English accent, your team will cover as much as they can, for each other not just themselves whilst broadening their skill set – you may even find a hidden talent.

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