5 Campaign Building Tips


With more channels to choose from, a breadth of data to apply and more noise than ever to cut through, sometimes we need to strip things back and get the basics right before getting distracted by the latest trend. Read more on ‘Why Doing Your Fractions Helps in Marketing’ on our Medium post here.

  1. Listening: Simple? Increasingly it should be. Improved capability of direct engagement on social means brands will be listening to what people want and using data to stay ahead of the curve. Stress test creatives, involve current or prospective customer types in the format of your campaign and don’t be afraid to adjust as you go along (within reason); sometimes small adjustments to how a campaign is being received can make all the difference. Keep your ears open. Social listening will continue to grow, but listening as part of marketing is nothing new, build it into your processes and your campaigns should align nicely.
  1. Under the influence. The use of influencers being used as part of an integrated campaign means that more than ever, thinking about how you can use influencers whatever the size of your campaign, is key. If your budget stretches to a lead influencer or group of influencers that’s great, but you can also build a great team of smaller influencers who can be more relevant to who you’re hoping to engage with – say hello to the Micro Influencer.
  1. Content is King (still). Ad blocking and social turn-off continues. Increasingly consumers don’t want to see aggressive marketing on their social channels. Fast, smart and relevant ways to appeal to Gen Z, just as much as the ever-selective Millennials who’ve shaped the social paradigm before them. Check out the latest from McDonalds its ‘no brand’ campaign with a social hook that’s tapping into the two-screen consumption is perhaps indicative of what’s to come. Source your content from a range of places if you need it, try things, test them out and always think about what they’re actually aiming for.
  1. Pictures (and videos) say a thousand words. Yes, content again but it is King after all. Get back to basics and use the right channels for the right audience; don’t sell to Generation Z’s through a regional network TV ad, teenage boys on Pinterest or baby boomers on Snapchat – right now anyway. Creating and curating good content for and from your campaign is a basic and should provide you with content you can use for ongoing engagement for months to come. There are plenty of free tools (check our blog on presentation tools here) and if you’re planning to go live take note from the likes of Social Chain on how best to use live to engage an audience. Look out for new visual platforms to land in 2017 too.
  1. Lights, Campaign, Action! Probably the most important part – making sure that you’re getting an appropriate response and action from your campaign and when you do, you’re using it to the best of your ability. If you’re directing to a site, are you capturing details? If you’re using email, are you making sure you track interactions so you can check your analytics and see what people are doing? Layer on some critical information; sales, calls – some information that you can see if its disrupted in any way by your campaign. All of this not only tells you whether your campaign worked but also helps you learn from it for your next one.